BMW R1200C


1200 ccm, 61 hk Year 1998. Power and Comfort.


Lavangsdalen høst 2016


Floatellbesøk ved Tønsnes 2016


The Transition from "Vet" to "Older Modern"


Zundapp KS 600 1939 and BMW R1200C 1998

Trip to Kvaløyvågen June 2017

One is 19 one is 54 years of age!

Happy man first trip for the Season.

Sommarøy NAF-mc Softice trip:

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ChromeHeads! all you need to know about R1200C

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A German Site (in German)

Norwegian veteran mc important links:

Arctic mc Rent A Classic Bike and guided Tour!

Veteran MC museum A must SEE!

Arctic Mc museum Trofors



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