Fretless guitar? Is that the solution for your hunger for challenges and urge for a new sound? Read the interesting article in Guitar Player and listen to several interesting sound clips in mp3 format on the same page!.

Several brands can now deliever fretless electro-acoustic and electric fretless guitars. Godin modell shown on thumb.

The perfect Home-Studio Guitar?

Line6 Acoustic Variax 700 Plays all the sounds ever needed in your recording studio. Check the Line6 presentation here:

Also check sound samples at Marios webshop

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Looking for a chord? Look at this!

Leter du etter en akkord? Prøv denne!











The G-flat guitar (Giss-gitar) has received a lot of attention from famous guitarplayers around the world. Artists like Albert Lee, Steinar Albrigtsen, Ken Hensley, Scotty Moore, and several others have all tested the instrument and found it very attractive and fun to play.

See Oyvin Fjelds homepage for more information, here:



The end of Bad sounding PA`s? Bose has a new Approach to Live Amplification`, check out the New Approach!

Guitar World
“’s a real breakthrough in amplified sound. It’s sturdy, beautifully made and, from an engineering standpoint, a fascinating alternative to long-accepted theories of sound. From an artistic point of view, it provides players with more control over stage sound than they ever had before.”


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