Porter Pilatus B2-H2 Amphibium Fs 9.1

Cargo mission Endu (Bardufoss)to Altevatn

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A versatile aeroplane even more versatile with additional Floats.


After startup ENDU (111kb) Closeup Pilot (105kb) Endu overview (87kb) Instrument check (126kb) Cleared Takeoff rwy 28 wind calm! (62kb)
Climb out leaving for Altevatn (90kb) Misty walleys heading southeast. (80kb) Destination in sight (79kb) Touch down in 10 sec (60kb) Cargo check (71kb)
Interior right seat (102kb) Long Final rwy 28 (112kb) A little too high on final (118kb) Parked  (93kb)  

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